• Advanced Placement (AP) is an internationally recognized program that allows students to enrich the Ontario Curriculum with the goal of achieving university accreditation while enrolled at St. mg游戏大厅.
  • 美联社预科 courses are offered in 9 - 11年级.
  • AP courses are offered in 12年级.  They are audited by the 美联社大学委员会 and include writing AP exams in May.
  • 部门网页 ——更多的 subject-specific info AP at St. 玛丽的商品:  英语  |  法国  |  数学  |  科学
  • AP9年级 通过 12 学生, 美联社小册子 
  • APWCDSB ——网站
  • topics and material studied in greater depth
  • enriched learning opportunities
  • thought-provoking discussion
  • interaction with other motivated learners
  • The focus is not to create more work, but a different kind of work that challenges a student’s higher order thinking skills.
  • highly able learners looking to be challenged
  • students with a passion 为 learning
  • self-motivated learners with strong communication and analytical skills
  • Grades are only one of the many factors that help determine a student’s suitability 为 AP.
  • AP Self 评估 Form  为 students and parents to complete and discuss when considering AP courses
  • Grouping highly able learners creates an environment where students can challenge each other and thrive.
  • Students will gain a wealth of experience and critical thinking skills that will benefit them all of their lives.
  • University credits may be awarded to students that per为m well on their Grade 12 AP exams.
  • Students who write the AP Exam typically achieve higher grades in university than student with similar grades in high school who did not.
  • Students are not required to take the entire 美联社预科/AP Program, and they may opt out of courses in future grades.
  • It is possible to opt into 美联社预科/AP courses in the later grades without the previous 美联社预科 course; however, students would then be responsible 为 filling in any gaps in their learning (with the support of their teachers).
  • Students in 美联社预科/AP courses complete Ontario curriculum with appropriate extensions designed to prepare students 为 writing the Grade 12 AP exams.
  • AP exam results stay confidential until the student elects to release them.  Some students will opt not to write the exam.

AP Pathways – all subjects, all grades:


  • Admission to 美联社预科/AP  grade 10-12 courses requires recommendation from current subject teachers.
  • All interested students must select 美联社预科/AP courses in “My Blueprint”.
    (“My Blueprint” is a student web-based Individualized Pathways Planner (IPP))
  • AP Self 评估 Form  为 students and parents to complete and discuss when considering AP courses

Research shows th在 best predictor of whether or not a student completes a university degree is not their high school grades or standardized tests. Rather, the best predictor is how many challenging courses a student has taken in high school. Students who challenge themselves with AP courses and exams are much more likely to complete a university degree in four years or less.

The following links provide students with various academic resources and additional Advanced Placement in为mation:

The Purdue University Writing Lab

Literary Theory and Criticism

Movements and Periods in Art and Philosophy


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